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This was not on the Brochure for Medical School

I was told I would not make as much money as my immediate predesessors, but that I would have a nice live.  I was told that I would hardly get any sleep for ten years straight, but I would be invigorated by the experience of saving lives.  I was told that some colleagues are rude, condescending, and difficult to work with, but that they would teach me some amazing things about treating patients.  i was told that Emergency medicine was at the nexus of American health care, but i was not told that 50-80% of my patients actually do not need me, and I could actually do without them as well.   Read more…

Death by a Million Small Frustrations and a Dozen Night Shifts.

If it is possible to die from a million paper cuts then the Emergency Department is where it’s going to happen. This is literally true considering MRSA and figuratively true considering the mounting obligations piled upon emergency professionals. Read more…

You saved his life Dr. Mallon and Dr. Herbert….

Yesterday I had the gut-wretching experience of caring for that asthmatic you all talk about.  He was the patient you have dedicated so much time to teaching us about.  Read more…

A C-Booth Tale……

At 3 AM a man presented to C-Booth (the critical care section of the Emergency Department) vomiting massive amounts of blood and nearly choking to death.  He was going downhill fast, and needed to be intubated (placing a breathing tube).  The intubation was not going well, and his blood-oxygen levels were dropping as repeated attempts failed. Read more…

Martin Luther King Hospital, Los Angeles, CA The Truth, The Lies and The Myth

Seeing Martin Luther King Hospital close kind of reminded me of the Wizard of Oz, or perhaps more accurately the hit musical ‘Wicked’. it seems like everywhere you turned the closure was celebrated as a triumph for good, and the downfall of evil. You could almost hear Los Angeles Times staff members chanting “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”. Read more…

Can’t we all just get along?

Today I was lucky enough to have have a short daytime shift that was steady but not overly busy. It was actually quite perfect. Only one test had been inexplicably delayed by hours, and the patients were pleasant with medical complaints that made sense. I only had one patient with a small case of verbal diarrhea, and he was a sweet older man who was just trying to be helpful. The good mood I started my shift with was actually lasting into the afternoon. Then I had a wet blanket thrown on me–from a fellow doctor no less. Read more…

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Between the cacophony of drunken screams, schizophrenic ideations, and demented geriatric anger i  wonder when this crazy EM world took over so many of my nights.  At 3AM the ED staff themsleves seem to become giddy; probably from some circadian chemical reflex arc that should only exist during sleep.  In these moments I recognize how intimately my life is connected to every one of these lunatics surrounding me in the ED.   Nurse Patty sits there sucking on her fentanyl lollipop to alleviate back pain.  She’s had thirty years of hard time in the ED and reminds us every so often that she hates this job, but can’t afford to retire.  Once she offered me a lick.   Read more…

Illustrations by Lou Lewis, RN

Good-bye Wild Bill, Shamu, and Boatman…

**Some details have been altered to protect the confidentiality of true patients, however the rest remains the truth as I have experienced it**

Doctors and nurses in my Community Emergency Department (ED) knew Wild Bill as well as anyone. The ED certainly saw him more frequently than many of his family and friends. Read more…

Why Does Taco Bell have Better Technology than my Emergency Department?

Ok, I don’t actually spend a lot of time in Taco Bell, but when a chualupa calls sometimes you just gotta answer. It seems like every business I visit utilizes technology better than hospitals and emergency departments (ED’s). It is a sad day for medicine when every fast food restaurant in the country can computerize and streamline their services better than 90% of ED’s which continue to use pen and paper. Read more…

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Challenges in Social Education Today - Globalization and Changes in Education

A recent study of global humanitarian investigations currently emphasizes the most

What it means is a modern Online Teacher

University teaching is part of a well-constructed tradition that has remained unchanged

I am How Do You Appreciate the True Value of Higher Education?

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Things to remember when getting an admission to the training school

Training schools and colleges worth a lot as they provide all the various kinds of training ns material that professional need in order to get ahead of their profession ad contribute at their best. In Australia, people can surely find lots of schools and colleges that offer high quality training options for the students as well as for the professional who looking to enhance their skill for better capabilities.

There are courses like Diploma of Community Services, Certificate III in Information Digital Media and Technology, Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Certificate II in Business and Retail Management Courses as well as the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and Aged Care Training schools offering professional diplomas and courses that offer higher level training.

There are many things that you must be keeping mind in order to help yourself getting things better and get the training you need, but the most important things you should never forget are:

You should never enroll or opt to enroll in courses which are wide apart as you will be stuck nowhere and may have to manage things that you are not familiar with. In case if you are likely to get more courses you may consider to have enrolled in courses that you like the most, you should consider having the ones which are related or have similar content in them as well as same level and area of training.

As for example if you are going to attend the Business Management Courses, you should be aware that instead of aged care course you must be looking forward to get to the Diploma Of Business Management.

Further you should know that if you have to get to the top level courses you should not hesitate to enroll in the preliminary courses as they would help you learn things better.

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